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You’re Not A Bad Mom — It’s Called Life

Some women always dreamed of being a parent. They grew up with dolls and nurturing spirits and dreams of homeschooling. Then, there are the women they have dreamed of being a BOSS! Running their business and watching it grow into a thriving Fortune 500 company.

Then, there are women like me -- caught in-between motherhood and entrepreneurship. It can be a struggle to balance home life (kids, mate, laundry and the like) and running a business. As women, we set expectations -- lots of times unrealistic, for ourselves and beat ourselves up when they are not fulfilled.  STOP again I said STOP.

I’m here to help you with a few tips that will relieve you of the unfulfilled superwomen complex, and probably a little bit of a reality check as well.

  1. Write down your weekly goals for your business and your family. Then have your mate or a trusted friend look over those goals to make sure they are achievable and realistic.

  2. Prioritize your day. If everything is important then nothing is important. Do the most important items first. If your day runs long, no worries! Those tasks of lesser importance can wait for another day.

  3. Bring your children into your workspace, if possible. The most important item on you list is your family. There are going to be days that you feel as though you are unable to get enough time with them, but whatever time you do set aside, make sure its quality. If you can teach them about your business, even from a young age, you can accomplish quality time and work.

Let me say this for the people in the back, you are not a bad mom. You are an inspirational mom. You are a loving mom. You are a hard working mom; the list goes on.

These are the tips I use to ATTEMPT to live a balanced life. No one is perfect or has everything out, all we can do is try.

Simone Little is a wife, mother of two and runs two successful business -- One of which is the Little Virtual Assistant. She believes that with a little help women really can do anything they set their mind to. She hopes to empower mother to communicate their challenges with one another in order to build community.

To learn more about Simone, be sure to visit her on the web at www.thevirtualassistant.com and on Instagram!