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Third Time's a Charm: 3 Simple Natural Hairstyles for Everyday Wear

Flexi-Rod Set (Photo by Brittany Chatman/Chat With Bee, LLC)

This month is the one-year anniversary of my smedium chop. I transitioned to being fully natural for over a year before cutting off the rest of my relaxed ends. I say smedium chop because I only had about 6 inches of relaxed ends left and it just didn't feel like a big chop to me.

One of my favorite parts of being natural is the versaility of my hair. I've always had fine hair that I felt lacked body. So, this newfound freedom of being able to flourish as a coily girl but live the straightened when I felt like it was everything to me. As I've progressed in my journey as a coily girl, I ventured into the world of natural hair products. In the beginning, I had no idea where to start which left me seeking out some common household brands. I tried shampoos, curl puddings, and even styling foams. They got the job done but I still didn't have the umph I was looking for.

After following a couple of beauty bloggers for inspiration, I came across Hair of Nature and this brand has been a consistent part of my hair care routine ever since. From their Curl Moisture Shampoo to their Calendula Healthy Hair Oil, there hasn't been a Hair of Nature product that I haven't liked. I knew I hit the jackpot when my hair care specialist told me how great my hair felt from the home care I do in between appointments.

Now that I've learned how to do a few styles (ex. flat twist out, bantu knot out, and flexi-rod sets), I've graduated to some more intricate styling products. That's why I was so excited to get my hands on Hair of Nature's new Sleek & Silk Set/Wrap Styling Foam! Not only is it full of botanical nutrients that hair loves but it also gives you a great hold.

To test out the versatility of this foam, I tried out 3 separate styles that I plan to do regularly when outside opens back up again -- 1. A sleek & curly ponytail, 2. A flat twist-out, and 3. A flexi-rod set. At the end of this post, you'll also find a mini tutorial of all three styles.

Sleek & Curly Ponytail

Photo by Brittany Chatman/Chat With Bee, LLC

This was my first time trying out a curly ponytail using a styling foam. To be honest, ponytails have been my last resort for natural hairstyles because I could never get my hair to lay down properly. It didn't matter if I used edge control, tried to slick it all down while it was wet, or any other method I've seen online -- it never worked.

For this sleek & curly ponytail, I took a different approach and decided to tackle my hair in sections. It isn't difficult to manage but the fine texture of my hair makes it hard to get all of the curls in a uniformed bunch. I applied the Sleek & Silk Set/Wrap Styling Foam to every section and ultimately tied my edges down with one of my wraps. In the interest of time, I used a diffuser to speed up the process but you don't have to if you're anti-heat.

The end result was everything! My edges were tamed, my curls were popping, and there was nothing else that needed to be done. Going forward, this sleek & curly ponytail will likely be a go-to style for the office and meetings. As my hair continues to grow, I'll explore putting my hair into buns now that I know the type of hold I can get with this styling foam.

Flat Twist Out

Photo by Brittany Chatman/Chat With Bee, LLC

The next style I tried out with the Sleek & Silk Set/Wrap Styling Foam was a flat twist out. I'm sure this foam will work well with any type of twist out you do. However, flat twist outs are my go-to because I love the volume I get once they're loosed out. The first thing I noticed when using this styling foam is the hold it gave me. I typically use Hair of Nature's Twist Defining Cream for my twist outs. While the definition I get from the two products is about the same, there is a noticeable difference with the hold. With fine hair, achieving a final product that was definition and hold can be difficult. However, I was able to get both with this styling foam in a way that not only gave me the body I wanted but a flexible enough hold for easy manipulation.

Flexi-Rod Set

Photo by Brittany Chatman/Chat With Bee, LLC

Out of all of the styles I did, I have to say the flexi-rod set was my favorite. I live in Florida a.k.a. Frizz Central. It has been three days since I debuted this style and my curls are still well-defined with minimal frizz. If your hair is prone to frizzing, Hair of Nature has a great thermal protection collection that can tame your frizz safely. However, I used the foam for this look and finished it off with the Calendula Healthy Hair Oil for shine.

Right now, Hair of Nature is running an introductory sale on the Sleek & Silk Set/Wrap Styling Foam. For a limited time, you can grab your very own bottle of this multipurpose styling foam for just $14.97 plus shipping. You should definitely check them out on Instagram and Facebook as well to be in the know about new products and promotions.

Having used this product on three different styles, I highly recommend adding the Sleek & Silk Set/Wrap Styling Foam to your hair care routine. It is just one of those products that I feel like you can literally make anything happen with. Being deprived of my regular salon visits because of the 'Rona has forced me to learn new styles to do at home. However, I can assure you that I'll be bringing this styling foam with me to my appointments once outside opens back up and I encourage you to do the same!