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Piercings & Pink Drinks

Let me start by saying this will probably be one of the shortest, rawest, most grammatically incorrect posts you've read on this blog in possibly ever.

I needed a break ya'll...

I haven't blogged for me in a while because I've been so busy working on giving you all insight into products you may need and would definitely love...but...

I really needed a break.

So listen, I finally had my breaking point this past Sunday.

The week was overstimulating, the weekend was even worse, and now here we are in a new week. I didn't make it here unscathed though!

Where shall I begin? I was out of town for a work trip the week prior and learned that #HurricaneDorian was headed our way just before I checked in for my return trip home. The prep for this hurricane eerily reminded me of the prep we had to do for #HurricaneIrma when my husband was still stationed in San Antonio. While we didn't get hit this time around, the stress of the prep was enough for me.

After coming back from the holiday weekend, I had so much catching up to do at work that I feel like I've earned my keep for the entire year. Yes -- my entire salary from July 1 of this year to June 30 of next year. Anyway, that was just one piece of the puzzle...

Remember, I'm a wife and a mom too -- and we have varying ages of children that range from kindergarten to college freshman. Whenever I wasn't going crazy at work, I was definitely going crazy at home...and I'm almost 87% positive they don't like me when I'm crazy.

The following weekend, we had some company come over and I basically pulled myself together just enough to be a good host....then I crashed. And I crashed HARD.

Ya'll...I woke up the next morning knowing that our son had injury recovery training, our oldest daughter had work, and our youngest had the schedule of whoever she was with...and I needed that person to not be me. So, she tagged along with my husband and son because I really just needed a break.

Once they left, I proceeded to create the following schedule for my day

  1. Breakfast for one

  2. A Target run

What did I actually do?

  • Breakfast for one

  • Cry

  • Get my car washed

  • Cry some more

  • Go to Best Buy -- which by the way, offers free In-Home Consultations for home technology (click for more info)

  • Get a pink drink

  • Get my cartilage pierced

  • Buy a salted caramel and lavender white chocolate French macarons

  • Go grocery shopping

  • Buy a new vacuum

  • Make dinner

  • Have a late lunch with my good friend and her mom

  • Watch Spongebob reruns

These tasks aren't ordered because the order I did these things in doesn't matter. Why? Because I did it all for me....and me only. THAT is what matters.

So, hear me when I say this --

If you feel like you need to have someone take the kids for the day...Ask them!

If you feel like you need to drive with no destination in mind...Do it!

If you feel like you need to experience pain by getting an unplanned piercing...Get it!

If a pink drink is what will make you feel better...Drink it!

The fact that I feel like I always need to be on an agenda is going to ruin me. That is why days like this past Sunday are important for people like me. I didn't know what I needed when I woke up that morning but I knew I needed something.

And here's a little something to show for it ;-)

Impromptu Ear Cartilage Piercing