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How to Get the Best Out of a Move

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How many of you wish you could do your move over again?

Moving can be tough but it doesn't have to be! We have lived in our current home for four years. We may not be moving any time soon. However, we have a rising high school senior who will be headed off to college soon. He has already received some offer letters for schools that are out-of-state. However, it is entirely possible that he may end up going to college in-town or just across I-4. Either way it goes, we know we will have to transport some things for him.

That's where Infinite Moving comes in. I've always loved having a large SUV. It makes it easy to get around, and I can haul virtually anything I need. However, carrying lots of items reduces the number of people I can carry. So, that's why we will be looking into hiring professional movers to move those must-haves safely and efficiently. Going through this process as a parent that has gone away to college before has put me in a position to remember the lessons I learned when I went off to school.

Just like there are different types of bread on the shelves at the grocery store, there are several different moving companies to choose from. Each moving company offers a service that will be useful to you. However, you always want to make sure of a few important things before deciding on which moving company to go with.

Protect Your Things

Photo by Infinite Moving, LLC.

The first thing you want to be sure of is that the moving company you select can protect your items properly. Infinite Moving's rates include basic liability coverage of $1.00 per lbs. per article. In addition insuring your items, they provide other basic necessities like:

  • Free Pad-wrap protection of your furniture

  • Free New Mattress Covers for all your beds

  • Free Boxes for your flat TVs.

  • Free Cardboard protection for all Mirrors, Glass tops, Glass shelves & Large works of art

  • Free use of wardrobe boxes on move day (use for hanging garments only)

  • Gas, tolls & all taxes. (Excluding Tolls for Bridges & Tunnels)

The Price is Right

The second thing you want to be absolutely clear on is price. Companies like Infinite Moving charges based on the labor and travel time. Sometimes, flat rate moving prices seem like a good idea because you know what you're planning for upfront. However, flat rate pricing may actually end up costing you more based on what you are moving. So, companies like Infinite Moving may definitely give you more bang for your buck.

Build a Catalog

One of the most irritating things about moving is not knowing what each box has. Rather than writing "dishes" or "loft" on boxes, consider creating a catalog system that is much easier to keep with. Organization is the name of the game! Here's an example:

1 = Master Bedroom

2 = Living Room

3 = Kitchen

By cataloging your items this way, you take the guesswork out of unpacking. You also make the placement process easier for your moving company.

Create an Unpacking Schedule

We moved over four years ago, and there are still items sitting in our garage that we have yet to unpack. Had we created a schedule prior to moving, I'm quite sure the boxes would've been unpacked by now. I don't want you to end up like us. So, I recommend using that same catalog you created for your boxes to determine how you will unpack after moving. This schedule guarantees that each box will be unpacked, as well as make sure that every item you moved ends up in the right place.

Overall, there are many ways to navigate the moving process. That process can be so much easier with a moving company that meets all of your needs and more. Whether you're moving to a new home, transporting items to a new office space, or just need an extra hand loading and unloading these Polk County labor movers have you covered! Infinite Moving offers quality service you can count on. You can learn more about Infinite Moving and their services by clicking here or by following them on Facebook.

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