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How I Survived A Quarantine with Children

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Hello out there! *echoes*

How are you doing? No, how are you really doing?

We are headed into week 5 or 6 of our new normal. We got word last weekend that our schools will be closed for the remainder of the school year and there are mixed feelings about that. I obviously want what is best for our kids and family. However, having everyone at home (myself included) is definitely not for the faint at heart! That's why I've been trying to incorporate various activities into our week to break up the routine. Even if you don't get a chance to check some of these activities out before outside opens again, they're still great activities regardless of whether outside is open or closed.

DIY To-Go at Home Kits

DIY To-Go at Home Kit from AR Workshop Tampa (Photos by Brittany Chatman/Chat With Bee, LLC)

Have you ever seen those wood art pieces that people typically buy from arts & crafts stores? Well, we have a local spot in town call AR Workshop that has kits you can use to make your very own crafts. I planned to visit when outside was open but the DIY To-Go at Home Kits were just as good. We really enjoyed picking up our kits and setting up our own little art studio at home. On top of the crafts being easy to do, they were nice additions to our home.

Take Your Child to Work Day

Sight Words Practice (Photo by Brittany Chatman/Chat With Bee, LLC)

E-Learning can definitely take a toll on parents as much as it can on our children. We've had to learn how to balance e-learning with my teleworking and it has not been easy. In the beginning, it seemed like nothing was going right. Activities weren't loading, assignments were missing, and a certain somebody just wanted to play. After a while, I started formalizing her e-learning in a way that added more structure. She started "coming to work" with me -- in our home office. While I worked, she worked and it has been glorious ever since. She takes 15's and lunch breaks just like me to avoid getting burnt out. I'm not sure why we didn't try this sooner but all I can say is that I'm glad we found our rhythm!

We get her work done in half the time, which leaves a greater portion of the day for her to relax and even work on "homework". Click here for some great options you can use to give your little one's fun ways to practice what they've learned!

Zoom Parties

Every Friday, Kamala has a dance party with her classmates on Zoom. I didn't think much of it in the beginning until she started picking out her party outfit. Yes, she took it that seriously. We did her hair, she picked out a dress, and she got her water ready for her dance breaks. Even though her kindergarten teachers organized these weekly parties, there's nothing stopping you from setting up something similar with your circle.

Virtual Party (Photos by Brittany Chatman/Chat With Bee, LLC)

In fact, I attended my first Zoom party last night and it was amazing! It was a birthday celebration for a good friend of mine. We had lipstick, wine, special guests, and more. Don't let the fact that outside is closed prevent you from thinking creatively about what you can do inside. Where there's a will, there's a way!

Try a New Recipe

Banana Pudding (Photo by Brittany Chatman/Chat With Bee, LLC)

On day who-know-what of our stay-at-home order, I got the bright idea to make banana pudding. I just had a random craving for it. The problem is that I've never made it before (which now my husband will realize after reading this). Take my Black card if you want but banana pudding has just never been a thing in our house. On his last grocery run, I asked him to pick up some supplies so I could make this banana pudding that I would pretend to be an expert at making.

After several days of procrastinating, I finally made it -- and it was delish!

Start a New Subscription

Filling Cavities with Oyster Kit (Photos by Brittany Chatman/Chat With Bee, LLC)

Kamala's latest thing is Dr. Pimple Popper -- yes, thee Dr. Pimple Popper. She is literally obsessed now. Because of it, I started looking into ways we could curate her newfound love of medicine. Lo and behold, a good friend of mine sent me some information on Oyster Kit. Oyster Kit is a monthly subscription where your kids receive a different career kit in the mail. Lucky for us, the first we got was a medical kit. That way she can channel her inner Dr. Pimple Popper -- or any doctor for that matter. She decided she wanted to be a dentist first. Isn't she the cutest little dentist you've ever seen!

Go Outside

Fun in the Sun (Photo by Brittany Chatman/Chat With Bee, LLC)

So here's the thing about the stay-at-home order...

It's not that you can't go outside. You just neeed to be smart and avoid leaving your home unless absolutely necessary. That means our backyard is fair game! We've been spending a lot more time in the backyard and on our lanai. Kamala loves it, the dogs love it, and I love the break it gives me. Consider getting a water slide, a small pool, or even just a tent to relax. Having activities in the backyard has done wonders for our mental and physical health.

While these are just a few of the things we've been getting into, they've definitely helped me survive the quarantine with children. I hope you consider trying out some of these activities when you get a chance too. Remember, just because outside is closed doesn't mean your mind has to be.

Stay safe out there!