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Daddy Dearest

Hooray Heroes Daddy Edition

Father’s Day might have come and gone but one cool piece of it still remains — our Hooray Heroes Daddy Edition that was made specially for my husband.

Hooray Heroes takes your story and turns it into a book that you can enjoy for a lifetime. If you have been following me for a while, you know that we are a military family. My husband retired from the US Air Force after 20 honorable years of service. However, that service did not come without sacrifice.

For the last 22 months of his career, he was away from home. Opportunities to visit came up during those 22 months but it just was not the same as having him around full time. America looks at our service members are heroes but sometimes it is easy to forget how deep the sacrifice is.

Credit: Immaculate Visuals

Over those 22 months, this is what the sacrifices looked like —

  • Missed birthdays

  • Missed family time

  • Missed milestones

  • Missed holidays

When he came back for good and entered the amazing world of retirement, I wanted to make everything special. He probably got overwhelmed and possibly even annoyed by my quest to make everything a big production. However, I just wanted to do everything I could to help our new memories overshadow the missed ones — including Father’s Day.

That is where Hooray Heroes comes in!

Hooray Heroes Daddy Edition

As you can see above, there is a striking resemblance between the illustration and my husband. That is by design! Hooray Heroes books give you an opportunity to literally place your hero into their books. Cool, right?

Hooray Heroes Daddy Edition

One of my favorite parts of the Hooray Heroes Daddy Edition is that they build in opportunities for the role of the hero to be reversed. Often times, we only consider parents to be the heroes to children. However, our children are just as much as heroes to us as we are to them — and it is important to remember that.

This book opened the door to conversation between my husband and our little one to show her that she can truly be anything she wants to be. She can be a ballerina, doctor, President, scientist — all at the same time if she wants to!

VPK Graduation

While we celebrated our hero with Hooray Heroes Daddy Edition on Father’s Day, it goes without saying that these books are the perfect gift for any occasion. Hooray Heroes also other products that can meet any of your personalization needs, including sibling/friend and birthday editions!

When you decide you are ready to try Hooray Heroes out, visit them at www.hoorayheroes.com and enter DADDY15 at checkout! That promo code will save you 15% off your purchase of the Daddy Edition (or any of their books)!