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All Screen Time Isn't Created Equal

We are two months into the school year and we've been making some great strides. If you're new around here, you may not know that MiniMe began kindergarten this year. We worked with her all summer to make sure she was in tip top shape for the big K. We purchased all sorts of workbooks, flash cards, and everything in between to get her ready. We even connected with the curriculum coordinator at her new school for additional guidance on what we can do to support her teacher's efforts here at home. Yes, we are those parents.

There is one more thing we did that has been making a huge difference. We began using Kickstart Reading!

KIckstart Reading

Kickstart Reading is screen time you can feel good about. With lessons that are 2 minutes at a time, you can help your little ones learn how to read at intervals that their attention spans will support.

One of my favorite parts about the Kickstart Reading program is the way their lessons are built. They lay out their lessons in a way that helps her work her way through each word -- focusing heavily on the blending aspect. After working in this program, we've noticed that her curiosity and love for reading has increased greatly. She is also reading more fluently and independently -- which any parent would agree is a great thing!

End-of-Lesson Coloring Sheets [Kickstart Reading]

The recommended age of use for Kickstart Reading is between 3 and 6. However, we plan to use this program for at least another year (she just turned 6). Why? Because she loves it and it makes reading fun. Plus, she can always use it to reinforce her reading skills over time. School can be very overwhelming for kids and we don't want to add to that at home. Therefore, incorporating this good screen time that Kickstart Reading promotes is one way to keep her learning in a way that she enjoys.

Right now, you can get their forever subscription at just $57/year. I don’t know about you but I did the math and I’d say that’s more than worth it! Visit Kickstart Reading on the web at www.kickstartreading.com or on Facebook and Instagram.