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When I Grow Up I Want to Be An Astrophysicist Princess

As girly as our youngest daughter is, we’ve always known she’s had a love of science. She’s always been the inquisitive type and that characteristic presented at an early age. Don’t get me wrong, she loves to be treated like a princess. However, she wants to be one that can dabble in the world of STEM too — and she can totally do that!

Learning about renewable energy sources

Over the years, we’ve involved her in activities that would help to scratch that STEM itch. We’ve purchased science kits that can make crystals, grown herb gardens with her, and even taken her various museums of science. All of these activities are great to do but as you can imagine, there are limitations — namely school, schedules, and just life as a whole.

Now that she’s older, her age affords us the opportunity to expand the STEM activities we do with her. However, the time constraints still present a challenge. That’s why I was elated to learn about the Zonk’dBox!

Excited to open our Zonk'dBox The Zonk’dBox is a monthly kids activity box subscription that was created to help families connect, learn, and grow with their kids through fun and educational activities. Each box comes with multiple science experiments and/or activities.

Zonk'dBox Activities

All of the supplies needed are neatly packed in each individual activity package in the box. It even comes with an apron that your little one can use to enjoy his or her box — which helps to keep their clothes in tip top shape. What’s the best part? Each activity also comes with a snack for your little one to enjoy!

Being a full time working mom of three and a wife, you can imagine how full my hands are. The convenience being able to come home to this box of wonder sitting on my doorstep was an amazing feeling. We have so many little projects I’ve picked up along the way that I’m embarrassed to say have dust on them. Why? Because I either needed an extra ingredient that I didn’t have time to go to the store for or the process to get it started was just too involved.

It’s such a relief to be able to cater to her love of STEM in a way that is not only relatively effortless but is fun for all of us as well. We decided to go with inflating the balloon for our first activity and I’ve included the video below. We haven’t quite decided which activity to do next but what we do know is it’ll be fun!

Inflating A Balloon, Zonk'dBox

Want to join in on the fun and become part of the Zonk’dBox crew? You can save 25% off of your first box by entering “zonkd2525” at checkout now through December! Head on over to www.zonkdbox.com to learn more about these amazing activity subscription boxes and to get started today. Be sure to check them out on Facebook and Instagram as well!

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