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22 Things I'm Thankful For

As we usher in the month of November, I can't help but notice all of the togetherness around me. I've been seeing tons of family pictures, pumpkin patch (and apple orchard) outings, and countless recipes being shared that will be enjoyed during the Thanksgiving holiday season.

Our family doesn't particularly celebrate Thanksgiving based on it's true origin. Rather, we use this observance as an opportunity to spend time with family, reflect on what we are


for, and of course -- all of the delicious food!

November signifies the start of a new season in our lives and we have so many things to be thankful for. I talked about a number of lessons I've learned over the past 21 months in my post 21. As a follow up to that post, I created this #bloggerchallenge to capture 22 things I'm extremely thankful for. I chose the number 22 because it is significant to me.

I challenge you to recreate your own version of this this post, choosing a number that is significant to you. Tag me in your social media posts (Facebook/Instagram/Twitter: @chatwithbee) when sharing this #bloggerchallenge with your followers and I'll re-share for my followers to see :-)

1. Every single day!

2. My ever-growing relationship with God

3. My little fam(ily)

4. Our home

5. Our church family

6. A fulfilling career in my field of study

7. My inner circle

8. People in my life that continue to push me to be greater -- personally & professionally

9. My rich family history & culture

10. A loving husband that supports all of my dreams & bright ideas

11. Parents that are close enough to have a relationship with the kids

12. These silly dogs of ours haha

13. Shifts in relationships -- good & bad

14. New friendships

15. Being able to give back

16. Renewed understanding

17. The many blessings that continue to rain down

18. Being able to say no -- and not feeling bad about it.

19. What Chat With Bee has become

20. Learning how to let go #whewchile

21. Making it through these past 21 months

22. New Beginnings

<3 Chat With Bee