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Brunch n Things [Gals That Brunch-Riverview]

Ever since I moved out of the city [of Tampa], my options for brunch-style events have been severely limited -- I mean, severely.

That is until now --

Stop the press! We finally have a brunch event in Riverview!!!

Gals That Brunch is an initiative that provides an inviting atmosphere for women of all walks of life to get to know each other in the best way -- over brunch! The latest installation of GTB has been brought to Riverview by Yolanda Joyner.

Yolanda Joyner, Gals That Brunch-Riverview

Much like myself, Yolanda was having difficulty finding that sense of community out here in Riverview. Don't get me wrong, there are definitely friendly people out here. We just don't have the luxuries ladies in the city have when it comes to being able to have a good time locally because we were always having to go to Tampa to do so. As fate would have it, Yolanda would be the one to bring GTB to Riverview and what a brunch it was!

Brittany Chatman, Chat With Bee

Upon arrival at Boca Brandon on Sunday, October 21, I was greeted with a warm embrace from Yolanda -- along with the other ladies who were already seated. I then grabbed this super cute name tag that would help the other ladies know who I was. We had a pretty nice sized group, which was a little intimidating at first because regardless of what it seems like -- I'm actually very shy. However, everyone in attendance was very sweet and helped me to feel comfortable right away.

GTB-Riverview Favor

As I made my way to an open seat, I noticed these awesome favors at each place setting. As you can tell by my shirt above, I love a good


We didn't crack these open during the brunch but they were ours to take home. The mimosa you see next to my gift is a completely different story and we don't need to get into the particulars about how many I had -- just know I left with at least my recommended daily amount of Vitamin C which was followed up by an amazing burger from a 100% pasture-raised cow that I would later learn had a birth certificate. Boca is a farm-to-table style eatery so it was definitely interesting to learn about that side of things.

OMG Burger, Boca Brandon

As I sipped on my beverage(s) throughout the event, I struck up conversation with the ladies around me. It was so nice to be in the same space with women that not only understand our lifestyle(s) out in Riverview but with women that I have some things in common with. I met some entrepreneurs, fellow military wives, and even other bloggers!

Overall, I had an amazing time getting to know these ladies. I'm so glad to have met Yolanda as well! Her vision to bring something great to Riverview for ladies like myself to enjoy manifested beautifully...and I can't wait for the next event!

If you're in the Riverview area and you'd like to be part of the next Gals That Brunch-Riverview event, head on over to the group's Facebook and Instagram to get connected!

Gals That Brunch-Riverview, Kick-Off Brunch

<3 Chat With Bee