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Butter Me Up [Queens on Purpose Product Review]

Before I begin, I want to give a special thanks to Martina Bailey of Queens On Purpose for sending this amazing product to review!

If you haven’t been following my blog to this point, now would be a pretty good time to get linked up with me [you can subscribe at the very top righthand corner]! To give some backstory, both of our girls are natural — one from birth and the other since she transitioned about two years ago. I decided to transition as well but I’m still in the beginning stages, and therefore have a long way to go.

In Curls & Clips: Finding What Works and Sticking to It, I talk about some of the


learned from trying new products on our little one’s hair. I finally found a shampoo and conditioner duo that worked wonders for but we were still lacking that finishing touch. I’m happy to share we found that touch with Queens On Purpose’s Coconut Hair Butter.

Martina Bailey is the owner Queens On Purpose, a company specializing in organic products for natural hair and all skin types. Through her company and her lifestyle blog, she strives to help women to live out their God-given purpose. This purpose is demonstrated clearly in her tagline “We are God’s Masterpiece”.

Martina and I connected not too long ago and that’s when I learned about her products. As a sufferer of chronically dry skin, I’m very limited in what types of products I can use. My MiniMe also suffers from drier skin as well — plus, I’m careful not to introduce anything to her skin that may irritate it. For this reason, I was overjoyed to learn about Queens On Purpose.

What initially grabbed my attention with this product was the natural aspect. So many product lines bear the natural name but don’t bear the qualities. In my experience, keeping it simple has always worked out best for us. Our little one loves anything that tingles so the fact that the Coconut Hair Butter has tea tree oil is a definite plus!

Let’s talk application.

I washed and conditioned her hair the way I usually do — wash twice, condition, towel dry, and apply leave-in + detangler. I opted to towel dry and the blow dry with low heat for this wash since the seasons are starting to change here (yes, we have seasons in FL) and I don’t want her getting sick from air drying. Upon drying, I parted her hair into numerous sections to give her the infamous “twisties” she’s known to sport.

Before we got started on her style, she was so excited to have the Coconut Hair Butter used in her hair. I had her smell it before I went to work because she’s curious and as much as a stakeholder I this process as I am. She loved the smell and how it made her hair feel even more.

Overall, I’m extremely pleased with the Queens On Purpose Coconut Hair Butter. It is thick enough to make an impact but it does not weigh down her hair — which is very important with soft hair. The way the product is formulated also helps to hold her style in place safely. Lastly, her hair is extremely moisturized and smells great!

If you’re wondering whether or not you should try out this product, stop thinking and just do it! Right now, Queens On Purpose is offering 20% to all customers using the code “NATURALCARE” at checkout. This code will expire on November 25, 2018 so don’t wait too long — you might miss it! Head on over to her shop to check out this Coconut Hair Butter as well as the rest of her products.

You can also learn more about Martina by visiting her on Instagram and Facebook.

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